You Have Been Androgynized

You Have Been Androgynized

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Androgynized, is the name of the event which celebrates Androgyny Production’s first year anniversary. It was held at Society Lounge, Makati on March 17, 2012. It was a widely anticipated event for party – oriented lesbian punters. Everybody was looking forward with sky-high frenzy of killing the night with fancy dresses and I almost forgot to mention, demanding pumps.

Society Lounge, a sleek bar outfitted with glass walls which makes the view visually interesting, is located in the outstretch of Makati Avenue. It boast to be “the next must destination in exquisite dining and entertainment in Makati”. At first view, it captures elegance perfectly with an edge – cutting design.

The lights were low and at various points through out the evening the walls were being played on by different colorful lights. There were plenty of tables and comfortable chairs and sofas neatly arranged in three rows. At the far end of the room, the disc jockey and mini dance floor areas were located. Over-all, it was posh.

I commend that it was a good choice of place for the event. It was sophisticated and glamorous. It was the perfect spot for exclusive cocktail sipping and socializing. Being grateful for Androgyny’s view of people not being “commoditized” through party passes, I was able to appreciate the efforts made by them by creating great parties and making it accessible to everyone. Making everyone happy and gay.

It was not just the free entrance but before entering, you are cordially welcomed by beautiful usherettes which made the whole experience entertaining and even interesting (if you know what I mean by the word interesting). From the start and by the looks of it, I could say that beautiful women were all flooded everywhere in their best representation of themselves through fashion. It was a “Dress to kill” night and I found myself wearing a black dress and take note, 3 inches pumps (I know, it was a crazy night for me).

While glasses were filled up like there was no tomorrow, people were dancing shamelessly on the dance floor to the beats of DJ Cal, DJ DBT and DJ Cherry Bombs. As for myself, I was busy filling up my appetite for alcohol from Vodka to Tequila (I acknowledge my lack of coordination so no dancing for me). Despite the allergies, the party must go on. Drinks were everywhere like crazy. Everyone was getting drunk. There were no inhibitions anymore and everyone was having a good time.

I plead guilty. I have been officially Androgynized. It was the funnest, zaniest great epic win of endless partying like it was your last day of existence, or rather lesbian existence. Making it as one of the greatest climax of my lesbian journey, I don’t mind overdosing myself with anti-histamine due to my allergies to alcohol.  Finally, I lived my life. Thank you Androgyny.


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